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Shareen is a commercial and fine art photographer, a former photo editor and commercial fisherman.  She is a 13th generation Cape Codder and resides in Chatham with her husband, weir fisherman Ernie Eldredge.  She maintains a studio in South Chatham. 


Her body of work has conveyed political and environmental messages addressing issues of coastal fishing community workers as well as capturing the history environment and beauty of Chatham’s coastline. Her book “Through the Fog” Character Studies of Coastal Fish Workers (Trap Dock Press) came out in the fall of 2016. 


Artist Statement 


By happenstance I explore the possibility of seeing intricate parts of the world in a larger way. I am able to appreciate an observation without having the entirety of the moment distract me.


My vision is ever changing, the details at times tangible realities and at other random color against space. The viewer should view my imagery with out my prejudice.  The eye that looks upon it, owns the suggestion, representation, and interpretation. That very thought makes my art meaningful. 

It is what it is…or not.  -SD

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