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Karen Cappotto is inspired by evidence of the handmade in a world where technology prevails.


Long known for her mixed media constructions, Cappotto’s paintings have recently created buzz in the art community.  In just the past few years, she won the Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed grant for painting, had two successful Museum shows and launched a new company called Peg + Dick©, a fine art standard collection of prints and trays. 


Cappotto says, “The images are complete when they evoke that spirit of time and memory, and appear to exist simultaneously in the past and present. These pieces are about place. Very often the paintings are meditations on connecting.”


Karen’s prints have been been seen in Elle Decor and This Old House, and were showcased in Rockefeller Center’s 2012 Kitchen of the Year. 


She is a long time summer resident Provincetown, where she maintains her design and painting studios. 

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