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Cynthia frank

About the series:

Preservare: moments retrieved, memories recorded.

The works in this series begin with photographs of my Cape experiences.
I extract small moments and build a new, abstract landscape in which they float between layers of collage, oil paint and cold wax. The energy of the memories is recorded in the mark marking.


Artist Statement

My work as a graphic designer carries over to the canvas and informs my subject matter and process—symbol, icon, ephemera and text, reproduced, repeated, and collaged. There is whimsy and wordplay across the many series I revisit—the resulting images comprise the pages of my personal narrative.

—Cynthia Flaxman Frank


Artist Bio

Cynthia received a B.A. and an M.F.A. from Yale University. She is the owner of Cynthia Frank Design and currently Senior Lecturer in the Art & Art History Department at University of North Carolina Charlotte. She has created public art as part of the award-winning collaboration PAC3, designed text-based murals for The Wall Poems of Charlotte, and exhibited at galleries and museums, most recently at Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art, Charlotte, NC (2023); Cultural Center of Cape Cod, Yarmouth, MA (2023); and Mint Museum Uptown, Charlotte, NC (2022). Cynthia spent her formative summers in Wellfleet. These days, when the academic year is done, she gratefully spends the summer in Truro making art in her home studio.

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