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I grew up in Sweden and have always had a love for the arts. As a child, I loved to paint, draw and constantly was the one with a camera in my hand. Always seeing that special moment came naturally. During my school years in Sweden, I studied photography, art, and business.

After school, I ended up working for the airlines and traveled extensively before landing in Wellfleet in 1983 and married my husband Keith in 1987.  When our son Lukas was born, I worked from my home studio, making shell art that was sold in local stores and galleries.

I’ve always had a strong love for animals of all kinds; they are my favorite subject to paint at the moment. I try capturing the expression in their eyes, as you can read so much in eyes, even in animals.  I also enjoy painting in a whimsical style using bold colors. I hope my paintings make people smile.

eva scott.jpeg
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