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Linda povey

Linda is an artist working in both Philadelphia and Wellfleet. After a 30-year career as a creative executive for organizations such as IKEA, Coca Cola and Nestlé, Linda began painting the spiritual landscape of the Outer Cape with layers and layers of oil and cold wax, building a poetic history beneath the surface of her paintings. Her atmospheric process represents the idea we are all made perfectly imperfect by our wounds and shortcomings, and through these imperfections lies the light and beauty of our souls.


Linda first studied art in Stockholm, Sweden and has worked with some exceptional teachers to learn the oil and cold wax process along the way, including Lisa Pressman, Randall Graham and Rebecca Crowell at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Ballycastle, Ireland. This year, she travelled back to Stockholm for an artist residency, an artistic homecoming for a journey that began almost 40 years ago.


Linda’s work has been shown at The Provincetown Museum, Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, The A Gallery in Provincetown, Wayne Center for the Arts and The Chester County Studio Tour. She is a member of the Aston Mills Arts Community in Philadelphia, a group of fine artists sharing space in a 19th century carpet mill. She has been coming to the Outer Cape since she was 24 years old and is now a grateful summer resident of Wellfleet.

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