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Every home is is every Steve Swain installation

There's no limit to how you can display Steve's signature steel fish schools. Fish are sold individually and in schools of 7, and are available swimming left or right. 

To install 7-Schools in sheetrock
  • Hold the school up against the wall where you would like to hang it, mark the location of the hangers (where the screws will eventually go) with a pencil

  • Using only a sheetrock screw with no anchor, put in the front screw, hang the school on that and double check the position of the second mark before putting in the second screw.

To install single fish "spikes" into sheetrock:
  • Do not push by hand

  • Using a hammer and a piece of cardboard or padding to protect the finish (do not hammer directly on the metal!)

  • Tap in the longer spike

  • Adjust the angle

  • Tap in the second spike just enough to secure in position

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