Suz Karchmer

I arrived on Cape Cod ready to embrace the next phase of my life. I looked back in order get ideas about how best to move forward and what I discovered was that the happy times in my life were when I was fully immersed using my hands and eyes to create...something. As a kid, it was painting. For a career, it was sign language interpreting... a totally hands and eyes endeavor, with an engaged brain always searching for language and culture equivalents. Then, an event floral designer, with hands and eyes and aching muscles.


I am now a photographer. Teaming with my husband, Michael, we take on assignments, usually using our big DSLRs, we cover performances and events on the Cape. In my personal journey, I photograph everything else, especially flowers.


My new photo series, Unfurling, comes from my love of flowers and the surprising visual and emotional discoveries macro photography reveals about the process of growth. There is that moment in plants when the protection that supports the growth becomes too binding. I look for the support, anticipate that inevitable moment and photograph the unfurling and the unfurled. It is not lost on me that with this new series, I, too am unfurling. I am ever grateful to be witness to and able to share with the viewer the colors, patterns and movement of Nature’s dance.