As a minimalist artist, Ethan uses time and surface to delve into the relationships between shapes in a picture plane creating a contemplative and meditative painting. 


Using geometric shapes and a limited color palette, he creates the boundaries to explore space, time and surface. 


Born and raised in Brewster, Ethan Manach began his career as a chef in San Francisco. Once there, Ethan began to reconnect with the arts.


Realizing that the restaurant life wasn’t for him, Ethan left San Francisco and began to travel. Over the course of ten years, he travelled all over Europe, New Zealand and South America, using his travels as his source of inspiration.


When Ethan returned to Cape Cod, he looked to painting as a way to express his travel experiences, and to reconnect with his community at large, as he continues to do today. In 2010, he helped form what would later become Helltown Workshop, an artist’s collaborative in Provincetown.

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